Celebration Service / Discipleship & Bible Study

Event details

  • Saturday | December 9, 2023
  • 10:00 am
  • online for now In the future - Steele Creek Lodge, 13611 Steele Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273

Order of Worship:

9:30-10:15AM – virtual fellowship room – come early to chat by video, voice and/or typing with one another, and to make sure you can connect up successfully

10:15-10:45AM – Bible Study and/or Discipleship Discussion – rotating topics every other week

10:45-11:00AM – virtual fellowship room – come chat by video, voice and/or typing with one another, and to make sure you can connect up successfully

11:00-12:15PM – Online Church – just like in-person church, but through your phone or computer! 

  • Call to Worship – sing a song of praise together
  • Welcome, Announcements & Prayer
  • Praise & Worship Songssing 2 more worship songs or hymns to God
  • Prayer for the Gospel Blessing – one person from the congregation prays for the community, an individual or situation before God
  • Offering (Support the mission of Grace Communion Charlotte)
  • Scripture Reading  – We value and esteem the Word of God, so a member reads a passage relating to the sermon
  • Sermon – a 30 minute message taken directly from Scripture to encourage, support and bless you
  • Communionwe celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus every week by joining together to share bread and wine/grape juice as directed in Scripture. During COVID we ask that you bring your own bread & wine/grape juice so we can still all participate together. Participation is optional.
  • Parting Worship Song
  • Benedictiona short blessing on the congregation before we leave for the week
12:15-whenever – virtual fellowship room – chat by video, voice and/or typing with one another

This is a typical Sunday order of worship at Grace Communion Charlotte. Because of COVID-19 we meet online.
Occasionally we have special events or holiday worship schedules that are different.
We have a weekly email to share last-minute updates and to provide the online link to church services – if you wish to subscribe please email Pastor Tracy.